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Wishes for a happy day from NokiaTheOne.

Here’s a page where you can tip us about any interesting news pertaining to Nokia like Launch, Hands-on, Your gallery of pics, Videos etc which you would want us to share on ‘NokiaTheOne’ for all our readers & visitors.

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12 responses to “Tip Us”

  1. saleha says :

    nokia lumia 630 is worst mobile … quality is there ……what is this lumia series…….make a one phone which satisfy all the need i want my money back tell the proceedure for it.


  2. seipsti maoeng says :

    How do I download Whatsapp on Nokia Lumia 630


  3. seipsti maoeng says :

    How can I Download Whatsapp


  4. trex lungu says :

    i cant log on to whatssapp please help!how do i download whatssapp?cant also verify,


  5. Aneesa says :

    Hi, my Nokia Lumia 900 all of a sudden has a question mark inside the battery. After I put it on charge, the battery wasnt completely dead just more then half dwn so I decided to charge it as it has been completely dying these days but now I am unable to turn the power off to reset the phone since the screen is frozen and won’t allow me to slide down to power off or do anything!!! Arghhhh this phone is honestly going from BAD TO WORSE!!!!!!!


  6. MANISH MARU says :

    Sir i requerd to u for bank of India app so please solve my problem. Thnks to you


  7. user says :

    the nokia lumia has to be the absolute worst phone i have ever had, it cannot even do simple functions like setting a ringtone. the only good quality about the phone is the picture quality which seems you already know as it is the only thing advertised on television. either make a better phone that works or don’t bother. -5stars


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