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Imaging Shoot-out — Nokia Lumia 830 vs Nokia Lumia 920

So I was able to get my hands on this beauty called ‘Lumia 830‘ in Orange color today and was really impressed by its looks and design. The first impressions being a Lumia 920 owner were “it’s tall, beautiful and slim .. the processing is fast and display is fantastic”.

Microsoft refers to Lumia 830 as its budget flagship as for the first time it brings features like PureView Imaging with OIS, In-built Wireless Charging, ability to record videos in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and a Premium design to the mid-range segment. More imaging improvements like Moment Capture, Rich Capture (Auto HDR & Dynamic Flash), Improved shooting speeds and next generation of image processing algorithms are expected with the upcoming ‘Lumia Camera‘ update.

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The all new ‘Lumia Camera’ update

Yesterday’s Berlin event from Microsoft was not just restricted to launch of new Lumia devices and accessories but indeed as you would expect from any Nokia (now Microsoft) event, it was also about the new imaging innovations.

Lumia 830 was in focus courtesy its 10MP PureView branded rear camera and Lumia 730 earned the attention for its 5MP HD front facing camera.

That was not all as Microsoft also unveiled the upcoming Nokia Camera update called ‘Lumia Camera‘.

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Microsoft sends press invite ‘ready for more?’, camera-centric Lumia 730 & 830 expected!

So finally the teaser from Microsoft is out and on the cards are two brand new Lumia Windows Phones. We have been hearing about Nokia Superman and Nokia Tesla for quite a time now and we may soon see them.

The teaser from Microsoft reads ‘ready for more?‘ with supporting line as ‘Join us for more face time‘.

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New render points to ’13MP PureView’ cam on Lumia 830 and ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ branding

July as I had said earlier is turing out to be a good month for Lumia and Nokia lovers. On one side there is a lot of excitement about the (going to happen) official ‘Lumia Cyan’ release and on the other we are finally seeing the leaks of the upcoming new Lumia devices.

Just recently we reported about a new Lumia leaking out in images and rumored to be the new Nokia Lumia 830. Now more leaks are pointing at the device to feature a first ever 13MP PureView Camera and ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ branding.

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Nokia Lumia 930 ready for India launch, listed at Flipkart as ‘coming soon’

Cheerful news for the Lumia fans residing in India. Nokia’s latest flagship ‘Lumia 930’ seems to be all set for India launch and is now listed as ‘coming soon’ at Flipkart.

Lumia 930 just like any other Nokia device is a beauty .. you should definitely check the below link for some image-fiesta

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Imaging improvements in Lumia Cyan for Lumia 1520, Lumia Icon and Lumia 930

While this was expected, it’s always good to hear the official info. Over at Nokia Conversations, there was Q&A session with the imaging experts from Nokia ‘Juha Alakarhu and Eero Salmelin’ which revealed quite a bit of info on the imaging improvements coming with Lumia Cyan update and other tidbits.

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‘Lumia Cyan’ to bring imaging improvements to Lumia Icon, 1520 & 1020

Lumia Cyan, the next big Nokia update bringing Windows Phone 8.1 to existing Lumia’s will also bring Imaging improvements to the existing PureView Lumia devices i.e. Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520 & Lumia 1020.

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‘Nokia Refocus’ released for all Lumia PureView devices (920, 925, 928, 1020 & 1520)

The Lytro-styled magic has just knocked on to your Lumia PureView‘s door in the form of ‘Nokia Refocus’ app. Announced earlier at Nokia World event, Nokia Refocus app brings the ability to click a pic first & then focus and re-focus it later.

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Camera shootout – Nokia Lumia 1020 tries LG Nexus 5 .. beats it as usual.

AAWP has done a camera shoot-out between Nokia Lumia 1020 & the all new LG Nexus 5 (Google Nexus 5). Check out the comparison pics below.

Nokia Lumia 1020 – 41MP Camera with Zeiss Optics & OIS
LG Nexus 5 – 8 MP Camera with OIS

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Nokia Lumia 1020 outshines iPhone 5s, Note 3, Xperia Z1, LG G2 & HTC One in a Camera face-off !

If you ever had two thoughts in your mind about the camera on Nokia Lumia 1020 then you should see this post .. If you never had then I must tell you that Lumia 1020 has beaten the hell out of Apple iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Sony Xperia Z1, LG G2 & HTC One on photography front. It proves that there is still time for the competitors to match it.

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