About Me

Okay, this might sound crazy .. but I started loving Nokia & all things related to Nokia beginning year 2009 when i set out to buy Nokia N97 Mini .. yeah it was so awesome a device & i was just so crazy about it.

It is 21st century and we all know how well the world has moved on & so has IT .. I started reading about my N97 Mini over the web moving sites from sites .. blogs from blogs. Guess what happened, I came to know about Nokia N8 (the beast of a camera phone – even still) & the love for Nokia 97 Mini changed over to N8.

Nokia N8 got released .. I started reading the reviews. The love for Nokia kept on getting stronger.

And just when I had decided to buy the Nokia N8 .. I had to curb my expenses in view of my Marriage (lol true) & the love for Nokia even got more stronger. Guess the next love .. it was Nokia 808 PureView (Breakthrough in Camera tech).

I waited waited waited .. Amidst all this, there was a sad movement when Nokia decided to move over from Symbian & MeeGo to Windows (it was kind of heart breaking).

While even today I have the freedom to buy the Nokia 808 PureView .. I am waiting for Nokia Lumia 920 (don’t laugh at me :)).

The Love for Nokia is too strong & i wish and pray that the company comes over the current crisis to a place where it once belonged. I believe Nokia is one company that does true innovations and I don’t want it to go away from the playing field anywhere. Nokia Lumia 920 is the key to the comeback of Nokia. Wishing you all the Luck Nokia there !!.

At NokiaTheOne, I would try to bring about the best of Nokia to you .. be it News, Devices, Reviews or anything.

(Inspiration – Love for Nokia, MyNokiaBlog site & a few of my Friends)

Update – Finally bought the Nokia Lumia 920 in Yellow on 21st Apr 13 🙂

About Me: I am Jill Dasani – Mech Engineer working in an Automobile OEM who loves phones (Nokia) too much & cars not much 🙂

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3 responses to “About Me”

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  2. Ilona Sābera says :

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  3. Aneesa says :

    Hi, my Nokia Lumia 900 all of a sudden has a question mark inside the battery. After I put it on charge, the battery wasnt completely dead just more then half dwn so I decided to charge it as it has been completely dying these days but now I am unable to turn the power off to reset the phone since the screen is frozen and won’t allow me to slide down to power off or do anything!!! Arghhhh this phone is honestly going from BAD TO WORSE!!!!!!! 😦 Please help!


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