Windows 10 for Phone (Early design, Leaks & Concept)

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Well as we get closer to the 21st Jan event of Microsoft where it’s expected to unveil a lot about Windows 10 (for PC, Tablets & Phone), leaks/concepts etc are starting to come to fore. Let’s have a look at an early UI design from Microsoft, a leak from Italy and a concept by a Windows Phone fan.

First we take a look at a screenshot courtesy TechEd Europe (being presented by Joe Belfiore) (Video by – Pureinfotech – seek to 25.56 to see the below image)

Windows 10 for Phone early UI

As you can clearly read above, it says ‘Early Design, Not final UI’. So things can definitely change by the time it gets public. The above design is reminiscent of what you see on PC & Tablets and I kind of love it. Neat & Clean. Hey, look at that background covering the entire screen. It’s not on tiles, it’s a real background & is definitely coming with the next version of Windows for Phone.

Next we have a leak coming from Italy courtesy Windows Phone Italy

Windows 10 for Phone leak 3

The authenticity of the above images is not known but it is said to be very close to the actuals. Once again you can see a real background that even extends to the menu. Nothing else seem to be different.

Lastly we have a beautiful looking concept from Ghane Pradita (UI/UX designer)

Does this make you want more of Windows 10 for Phone? Are you excited to see the next big thing from Microsoft? .. Windows 10 is coming!

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