This is what ‘Cortana’ can look like !

Windows Phone 8.1 will have its own personal voice assistant named ‘Cortana’ which is said to be a mix of ‘Siri’ & ‘Google now’. A few things have leaked about Cortana via the developer SDK  but nothing showing what Cortana will look like. Despite this there is lot of hype around it & one cay say that Cortana is equally hyped as Windows Phone 8.1.

Tom Warren from TheVerge has today posted a pic of Cortana over Twitter and this is what it is claimed to look like.

Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1

Following things were leaked about Cortana earlier

  • Cortana will replace the built-in Bing Search feature as your personal assistant
  • It will appear in the form of a circular animated icon (matching with the accent color)
  • It will animate while speaking, can bounce and throw emotions at you based on situations involved
  • Cortana will be powered by Bing, Foursquare and similar services at the back to give it an edge
  • Cortana will be controlled/guided by a Notebook feature at the core which will also act as a privacy control
  • Notebook will allow Cortana access information’s such as Location data, behaviours, personal data, contact information etc.
  • Cortana will learn things about user with time & can store this info to Notebook (after asking you). Any such information can be edited & deleted.
  • Cortana will use this info to address to users queries by voice or by text, will provide suggestions, reminders etc.
  • Cortana can greet you by name, will ask you if you need help and can answers to your questions.
  • It can pick-up lines from Messages & e-Mails as in from ‘Let’s meet on Sunday’ and would ask you if you would like to set a calendar entry for Sunday.
  • Cortana can assist you with contextual details on Weather, Stocks, Directions, Music etc based on your Locations and other details.
  • Cortana will also be able to manage ‘Quiet Hours’ (do not disturb feature), a new feature incoming with WP8.1. Quiet Hours will basically mute your notifications in the said period and Cortana will be able to manage it for you.

What’s your take on Cortana ?


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2 responses to “This is what ‘Cortana’ can look like !”

  1. leon says :

    Put on a human face


  2. KIiza Duncan says :

    Can I Cortana help me to answer phone calls


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